Many fertilizers can be used across a wide range of crops, whilst others have been tailored to the requirements of an individual crop. Often the products are refined over time in the light of feedback from users to give the best crop response.


Foliar growth stimulant based on organic fulvic and amino acids


Garlic extract. Natural organic plant invigorator


Boron (B) and molybdenum (Mo) foliar fertilizer

Bio-Master N

Organic NPK plant feed high in plant origin amino acids


Soil improver rich in beneficial bacteria and fungi

Blueberry Special

Blueberry fertilizer for hard water

Brassimax Gold

Fertilizer for brassica species

Bud Complex

Foliar fertilizer to build next years fruiting buds

Cash SC

Calcium (Ca), boron (B) and zinc (Zn) in a concentrated SC formulation

Coir TEC

Blend of the 6 essential trace elments optimised for coir based growing media

Comanche SC

Copper (Cu), sulphur (S) and manganese (Mn) as concentrated SC liquid

Compete Plus

Beneficial bacteria and fungi specialy for the near-root rhizosphere

Convene N34

Concentrated liquid nitrogen solution

Copper Liquid SC

Concentrated liquid SC formulation of foliar copper (Cu) for field grown crops

Fulvic Bio

Liquid concentrate of natural fulvic and humic acids extracted from ground water

Fulvic Genie

Plant growth stimulant containing seaweed extract and natural fulvic acids

Genie 500

Highly concentrated liquid growth stimulant made from seaweed extracts

Genie Gold

Concentrated liquid growth stimulant made from seaweed extracts with added NPK


Balanced foliar fertilizer for wheat, barley and other graminaceous crops

Hanging Basket Feed

Liquid fertilizer specially for feeding hanging baskets

Kiwi Fruit Complex

Foliar fertilzier specially formulated for Kiwi Fruit


Liquid nitrogen for turf containing 40% slow release nitrogen (N)

Organic Plant Feeds

Organic NPK fertilizer solutions based on plant origin nutrients


Liquid PK fertilizer. Phosphorus as phosphite

Potentate - Extra Potentate Plus

Liquid NPK with trace elements. Phosphorus as phosphite

Primrose and Pansy Special

Fertilizer especially for Primrose and Pansy crops

Rare Plus

Liquid magnesium (Mg) molybdenum (Mo) and cobalt (Co) for legume crops


Turf fertilizer with beneficial thatch destroying bacteria. Not tolerated by moss

Root 'n' Shoot

Growth stimulant containing seaweed extract, fulvic acids and amino acids


Liquid seaweed extract and natural fulvic acid with calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg)

Signal UK

Concentrated liquid silica (Si) and potassium (K) solution fertilizer

Strawberry Fertilizers

A substantial range of strawberry fertilizers designed to fit in with the feed targets of different varieties of strawberries growing in a range of water qualities

TEC - Sodium Free

Fully EDTA chelated blend of six essential trace elements

TEC Soft Fruit (formerly TEC-SF)

Fully chelated blend of six essential chelated trace elements with magnesium (Mg) for soft fruit (DTPA iron)

TEMag Citrus

Balanced blend of 6 essential EDTA chelated trace elements with magnesium (Mg) for citrus

Tip Top Turbo

Foliar NPK with added seaweed extract, fulvic acids and amino acids for field grown crops

Turf Energizer

Garlic extract. For healthy resiliant turf, naturally

Zn 700 SC

Liquid zinc (Zn) as highly concentrated SC formulation