Blended crystalline powder fertilizers dissolve in water to provide reliable, convenient and complete nutrition.

These dry, concentrated products are economical to transport and store. They readily dissolve in the irrigation water to enable water-efficient “fertigation” of the growing crop and to provide maximum yields. Typical rates of use are 1 gram of product per litre of irrigation water. Commercial users typically make up a 10% concentrated “stock tank” reservoir of product which is further diluted 1:100 and added to the irrigation water using water powered dosing pumps.


A well balanced fertilizer giving reliable results for most crops and situations (18:18:18+3MgO+TE)


A high phosphorus feed to encourage vigorous root growth and good plant establishment (10:52:10+1MgO+TE)


Soluble blended powder for bedding plants and a wide range of crops (18:7:18+3+TE)


A high potassium feed to encourage abundant flower and fruit production (14:7:28+3MgO+TE)


A high nitrogen feed to encourage vigorous vegetative growth and good leaf colour (28:7:14+3MgO+TE)

Blueberry Special

Blueberry fertilizer for hard water

Brassimax Gold

Fertilizer for brassica species

Bud Complex

Foliar fertilizer to build next years fruiting buds

Compete Plus

Beneficial bacteria and fungi specialy for the near-root rhizosphere

Fe 13.2 EDTA

Crystaline powder formulation iron (Fe) 13.2% w/w chelated by EDTA for stable solutions up to pH 6.5

Foliar Mix

Micronutrient blend for agricultural crops

Fruit Tree Complex

Foliar fertilizer for orchard crops


Balanced foliar fertilizer for wheat, barley and other graminaceous crops


Super soluble foliar potassium and sulphur

Kalium 50

Fast dissolving foliar potassium (K) with magneisum (Mg) and trace elements

Kiwi Fruit Complex

Foliar fertilzier specially formulated for Kiwi Fruit

Primrose and Pansy Special

Fertilizer especially for Primrose and Pansy crops

Solufeed F

Original high quality soluble powder fertilizer for hydroponic production

Solufeed H

Tomato fertilizer. Use in mix with potassium nitrate (KNO3) or potassium chloride (KCl)

Strawberry Fertilizers

A substantial range of strawberry fertilizers designed to fit in with the feed targets of different varieties of strawberries growing in a range of water qualities

Superior Fertilizers - Vigil and Fleury

Acidic fertilizers for use where hard water can cause "lock up" of nutrients


Balanced blend of 6 essential EDTA chelated trace elements with magnesium (Mg)

TEMag Citrus

Balanced blend of 6 essential EDTA chelated trace elements with magnesium (Mg) for citrus