N, P and K is further balanced and bolstered by a robust trace element pack. Ideal for use on crops growing in inert growing media such as peat or coir-based composts or poor quality (eg high pH) soils. Here trace element deficiencies can be highly limiting affecting yields, quality and profitability. Recommended for high-value crops to protect return on investment.


Applied by foliar spray or through drip irrigation to the roots to a very wide variety of agricultural and horticultural crops. Supplies phosphorus in the mobile phosphite (HPO3) form, as well as potassium (K2O) and nitrogen (N) with a balanced addition of the six essential trace elements, chelated by EDTA.


Solufeed Extra Potentate Plus is a stable and concentrated, easy to use liquid formulation which provides nutrition to the plant resulting in:

  • Increased top growth and root development.
  • Better yields.
  • Improved fruit quality.
  • Improved plant health.


Nutrient % (w/v)  %(w/w)
Total Nitrogen 4.2 3.0
Ureic Nitrogen 4.2 3.0
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) 37.8 26.9
Phosphorus (P) 16.5 11.7
Potassium oxids (K2O) 25.2 18.0
Potassium (K) 20.9 14.9
B as polyborate 0.010 0.007
Cu as EDTA 0.036 0.026
Fe as EDTA 0.050 0.036
Mn as EDTA 0.030 0.021
Mo as molybdate 0.003 0.002
Zn as EDTA 0.010 0.007

Pack Size

Standard pack is a 10 litre jerry can but other packs can be available upon request.
Potentate - Extra Potentate Plus


Extra Potentate Plus Technical Data Sheet

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