To prevent and correct molybdenum (Mo) deficiency in most agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops.  Recommended for foliar application.


Solufeed Molybdenum 60 is an inorganic liquid formulation of molybdenum, designed for cost-effective correction of molybdenum deficiency in crops.

Molybdenum (Mo) is essential to the plant in small amounts for fixation of nitrogen by enzyme systems and for nitrate reduction.

Molybdenum (Mo) deficiency affects a number of crops, but particularly cauliflowers and lettuce giving rise to the characteristic ‘whiptail’ symptom.  Other members of the brassica family can also be affected.  Amongst ornamentals, poinsettia are very sensitive to molybdenum deficiency.  Unlike other trace elements, molybdenum (Mo) deficiency is most likely to arise on acid soils.


Contains 60 g/l of molybdenum as sodium molybdate (Mo), formulated with buffering agents and a modern surfactant system to ensure stability and effective cover and adhesion to foliage.

Appearance:                           Clear liquid

Miscibility:                               Fully miscible in water

Specific gravity:                      1.10 (@20°C)

pH (as is):                              8-9

Harmonised Tariff No:              28417000

EC Fertilizer.

Pack Size

Mo 60


Molybdenum 60 Technical Data Sheet

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