Foliar applications of potassium are known to stimulate and improve the uptake of the earlier, soil applied potassium. Similarly foliar applications can enable the farmer to precisely match crop needs with supply. As a result fertiliser efficiency is increased and potential for waste eliminated.

Better profitability is achieved through increased yields and improved quality. 

Foliar applications of potassium sulphate can reduce the burden of chlorine in soils that comes from soil applied chloride-based fertilisers. Similarly electrical conductivity (EC) of soils is not increased.


  • Is the very best quality potassium source for foliar application
  • Dissolves 3 x faster than other potassium sources*
  • Is a practical no frills foliar fertilizer
  • Has full technical support
  • Gives proven agronomic results
  • Easily contributes to profitability



Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water: 52.0%
Sulphur as SO4 56.0%
Average chlorine (Cl):  0.3%

 K-LEAF is a trademark of Tessenderlo Group

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20 kg bag
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K-Leaf Technical Data Sheet

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