Fulvic Bio Granular is a new granular formulation of Solufeed’s well proven, natural and
sustainable liquid fulvic acid soil improver.

The granules are based on natural zeolite (clinoptilolite), a mineral known for its cation
exchange capacity which improves fulvic acid retention in the root zone.


All the proven soil improving benefits of Fulvic Bio: a natural complexing agent that releases
nutrients from the soil and enables uptake into the plant. A source of food for beneficial soil

Zeolite holds the fulvic acid in the root zone giving slow-release effect and reducing leaching.
Less product works better for longer.

Easy to apply by hand or machine.

Readily incorporates into growing media or soils.

Zeolite granules of long-term benefit to soil quality.


Component Value (~) w/w
Fulvic acid 6%
Humic acid 1%
Organic matter 75 g/kg

Pack Size

20kg, 1000kg
Fulvic Bio Granules


Fulvic Bio Granular TDS

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