To prevent and correct iron deficiency in most, horticultural, ornamental and arable crops.  Recommended for foliar application.

As a iron micronutrient source for hydroponics, liquid feed solutions and soilless growing media.


  • Solufeed Fe 13 EDTA is a highly stable top quality chelated iron fertiliser for safe, efficient and convenient prevention and correction of iron deficiency.
  • Supplied as a free-flowing, dustless and soluble crystalline powder formulation.
  • Compatible with soluble phosphates thereby remaining effective in hydroponics and liquid feed systems.
  • Excellent environmental and regulatory credentials.


Crystalline formulation of ferric sodium ethylenediamine tetraacetate(Fe EDTA) containing:

Water soluble Fe: 13.2%

Fe chelated by DTPA: min 12.5%

Practical pH stability range: 4 – 7.0 (in aqueous solution).

Pack Size

10 x 1 kg cartons, 25 kg polythene-lined cartons.