To prevent and correct copper deficiency in many agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops. Recommended for soil and foliar application.


  • Solufeed Cu 14 EDTA is a highly stable, top quality, chelated copper fertilizer for safe, efficient and convenient prevention and correction of copper deficiency.
  • Supplied as free-flowing, dustless and soluble microgranules.
  • Compatible with many crop protection materials enabling economic tank mixing for simultaneous application where appropriate.
  • Also compatible with soluble phosphates, thereby remaining effective in hydroponics and liquid feed systems.


A spray agglomerated microgranule formulation of copper ethylenediaminetetraacetate
(Cu EDTA) containing:

Water soluble Cu: 14.0%
Cu chelated by EDTA: min 13.3%

Practical pH stability range: 4 – 9 (in aqueous solution)


Pack Size

10 x 1 kg cartons, 25 kg polythene-lined cartons.
Cu 14 EDTA
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Cu 14 EDTA Technical Data Sheet

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