Beneficial bacteria, fungi and other key ingredients for a better soil life, nutrient uptake and stress resistance.

“Healthy soil, healthy plant”

Compete® Plus is a dry, dispersible rhizosphere inoculant that contains the essential bacteria and fungi for healthy plant development. Specific strains are selected for their ability to make nutrients available, increase biomass, break down organic matter, fix atmospheric nitrogen and improve water uptake.

The microbes in Compete® Plus are live proprietary strains selected to promote soil fertility and plant health. The microbes are added in the form of microbial spores, numbering in the millions per kg, and include beneficial rhizosphere bacteria, several species of Bacillus, the Azobacter chroococcum, as well as beneficial soil fungi of the genus Trichoderma. These microbes are formulated with soluble fulvic acid, yeast extract and seaweed extract to maximize product performance.


  •  Promote a plant’s recovery from stress
  •  Promote soil conditions that are favorable to root development
  •  Promote root development, water and nutrient uptake
  •  Improve root function without stimulating excessive top growth
  •  Keep nutrients soluble in acidic, neutral and alkaline media
  •  Rhizosphere health and root hormone release
  •  Applied routinely through the drip irrigation, promotes optimum substrate conditions
  •  Colonizes the root zone with beneficial microbial populations that fix nitrogen, solubilise phosphorus and break down soil organic material releasing trapped nutrients


100% biological and natural soil bacteria. Rhizosphere inoculant

Guaranteed analysis

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

3.0 x 102 CFU/gram

Bacillus pumilus

3.0 x 102 CFU/gram

Bacillus subtilis

1.0 x 102 CFU/gram

Bacillus licheniformis

1.0 x 102 CFU/gram

Aoztobacter chroococcum

3.0 x 102 CFU/gram

Trichoderma atroviride

1.0 x 102 CFU/gram

Trichoderma harzianum

1.0 x 102 CFU/gram

Fulvic substance


Humic substance


CFU/gram = colony forming units per gram = international standard for the measurement of bacteria

Pack Size

2kg zip lock bag.
Compete Plus
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Compete Plus Technical Data Sheet

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