Effective calcium source for hydroponics, fertigation and foliar fertilization.


  1. To prevent and correct calcium deficiency in many agricultural, horticultural and
    ornamental crops. Recommended for soil and foliar application (see important
  2. As an effective calcium source in soils or artificial growing media where no effect on
    pH is desirable.
  3. As an effective calcium source in hydroponics and liquid feed systems to help
    overcome temporary, physiologically induced calcium deficiency.


Solufeed Ca 9.5 EDTA is a highly stable, top quality, chelated calcium fertiliser for safe,
efficient and convenient prevention and correction of calcium deficiency. Supplied as free flowing, dustless and soluble microgranules.

Compatible with many crop protection materials enabling economic tank mixing for
simultaneous application where appropriate.

Also compatible with soluble phosphates, thereby remaining effective in hydroponics and
liquid feed systems.

Excellent environmental and regulatory credentials.


A spray agglomerated microgranule formulation of calcium ethylenediaminetetraacetate
(Ca EDTA) containing:

Water soluble Ca: 9.5%
Ca chelated by EDTA: min 9.0%
Practical pH stability range: 4 – 9 (in aqueous solution)

Pack Size

10 x 1 kg cartons, 25 kg carton
Ca 9.5 EDTA
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Ca 9.5 EDTA Technical Data Sheet

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