Mix in concentrated solution with phosphates, sulphates and other nutrients to make a stable solution – ideal where there is only a single stock tank for all nutrients.

To prevent and correct calcium deficiency in many agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops. Recommended for soil and foliar application.

As an effective calcium source in soils or artificial growing media where no effect on pH is desirable.

As an effective calcium source in hydroponics and liquid feed systems and to help overcome temporary, physiologically induced calcium deficiency.  Can be used where conventional sodium (Na) based chelates would raise Na levels too much.


A spray agglomerated microgranule formulation of calcium ethylenediaminetetraacetate (Ca EDTA) containing:

Water soluble Ca:                      

  Ca chelated by EDTA:       min 8.5%

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1kg, 25kg
Ca 8.5 EDTA Sodium Free
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Ca EDTA Sodium Free Technical Data Sheet

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