A world-renowned soil quality improver made by a composting technique which results in high amounts of probiotic bacteria to improve soil and compost quality.  "For stronger and healthier plants". 

The organic base of Biovin™ consists of the organic remains of grape pressing. This goes through a unique fermentation process where carefully controlled bacterial action results in a product rich in plant growth factors (eg auxins), organic plant nutrients and beneficial micro-organisms.  These include nitrogen fixing (Actinomycetes) and SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) bacteria which promote resistance to diseases.


Biovin™ plays an important role in stimulating mycorrhizal relationships to create a living interface between roots and soil thereby improving root activity, nutrient uptake and plant growth.

Biovin™ is a certified organic fertilizer/soil improver in Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Austria and many other European countries for use in certified organic and conventional farming.

Biovin™ has been used successfully by growers all over the world since 1974 and much research resulting in scientific reports have been published.


  • Improves soil health in a growing systems.
  • Stimulates development and symbiotic activity of mycorrhizae.
  • Stimulates plant health and resistance.
  • Stimulates growth and functionality of beneficial soil/root bacteria.
  • Natural organic fertilizer (3:1:2).
  • Guaranteed free of diseases or weeds.
  • Avoids nitrate leaching to ground water and keeps mineral available for plants.
  • Also contains available silicon (Si).


Contains 100% natural ingredients derived form grape residues.

Pack Size

20kg bags, 40 per pallet (=800kg) or 600 kg bulk bags.
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