Liquid organic NPK fertilizer (7-1-1) high in amino acids.


For foliar application as an anti-stress bio-stimulant or applied through irrigation systems as a fertilizer.


High nitrogen N-P-K fertilizer made from plant-based material. It does not contain urea.

Approved for use in controlled input organic farms by the Soil Association.

A by-product of food production.

Contains beneficial micronutrients.

Contains sugars and natural components that nourish beneficial organisms to improve the soil.

This product is manufactured to the Soil Association Certifications standards under licence number AL04202.


A blend of fermented plant-based remnants from sugar processing. Because Bio-Master N is a natural product the N, P and K values can vary. A typical analysis is provided by the Technical Data Sheet, please follow link below.

Pack Size

20 litre jerry cans and 1000 litre bulk containers.
Bio-Master N
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Bio Master N TDS

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